Arhatic Yoga Journal

Arhatic Yoga Journal is a simple tool set up by an MCKS Arhatic Yoga® practitioner for other practitioners across the world that allows users to log and keep track of their practices.

It is effective and easy to use, helping practitioners track their daily progress and develop consistency in their practice.

Disclaimer: Arhatic Yoga Journal is developed independently by an MCKS Arhatic Yoga® practitioner and is not associated with any organization. It is a personal gift provided as a service to the community of practitioners all over the world, use it as is.

Arhatic Yoga Journal is only a tracking tool and does not expose any copyrighted material. However, in order to ensure that only legitimate graduates have access to the system, the distribution of Registration Keys is limited to MCKS Arhatic Yoga® graduates who possess a certificate issued by either the Institute for Inner Studies Inc. or the World Pranic Healing Foundation. Thank you for your understanding.

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